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By armagallantadmin14 Apr 2015 14:16

Hello everyone!

This sub-forum is only for feedback and suggestions.

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By KARnage12 Apr 2017 05:08

Hi Guys.
Every time I try to enter forums I get an error: unable to find topic list

By Galaad1 May 2017 21:02

Same problem... I can't see all the topics when i go to : Suggestion, General discussion, ...

By Galaad1 May 2017 21:12

I'll post some suggestions here since I can't create a new topic.

- Tutorial needs more clarity when you explain the meaning of structures in the map (monolith, crystals and vision points)
- Using the right analogic to be abble to zoom/dezoom or rotate the camera would be great.
- Fights and the selection of units feels good and camera movement is really fluid.

I haven't tried pvp, it's not working atm ( I'm playing in the UE) so i can't tell anything in therms of ballance but I'm lookink forward the new updates to give you more feedback. Also can you already tell us when pvp will be available?